Value of the Seal

What Does NALFA Certification Mean to You?

NALFA Quality Certified Laminiate Flooring

As an educated consumer, you’re reading this because quality and added value are important. That’s why it makes sense to only purchase laminate flooring that bears the NALFA Certification Seal.

Certified Means Tested
All laminate floors are not created equal. How do you know what makes the cut? NALFA certified flooring has passed 10 rigorous performance tests that include everything from how well it resists water, light and stains to whether it can be damaged when a large object is dropped or a castor chair comes in contact with the floor.

Certified Means Proven
NALFA uses independent, third party testing laboratories to assure that NALFA certified laminate floors meet demanding performance standards.

Certified Means Satisfied
The NALFA certification seal means you are investing in high quality flooring and will have the peace of mind to know you’ll enjoy it for years to come.